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Aeternus of House Tullius, former heir to House Tullius and the Steel Bank of Tytos.

Aeternus of House Tullius is a holy warrior, and former Commandant of the Third Fleet of Perpetual Enterprise.

Early LifeEdit

Second born son of the Steel King Lucretius Tullius, and following the death of his older brother Megus Tullius, Aeternus Tullius was the heir to the Steel Bank of Tytos and the Isles of Tytos. Unlike his brother who was egotistical and careless, Aeternus is analytical and calculated, preferring to play at politics by making others do things for him. Similar to his brother, Aeternus studied seafaring under his cousin the late Felix Tullius. He learned the art of statistics and banking from his great uncle Proximus Tullius, excelling in his studies. His father Lucretius taught him the history of House Tullius, and, like all member of House Tullius, Aeternus learned the ways of bladed combat from his great uncle the legendary swordsman Phalanx Tullius.

First CommandEdit

Like most youths of House Tullius, Aeternus was given a command to teach him the ways of the Steel Bank. Serving in the Sixth Fleet of Voracious Profit as a ship captain under his cousin Aurelius Tullius, Aeternus commanded Necessary Audit, a Sailing Class ship. Under Aurelius, Aeternus meticulously went through the percentages of interest on several extremely lucrative trade arrangements correcting minor errors and rewriting trade regulations. In the end, Aeternus vastly increased the profits of the Sixth Fleet's trade arrangements. As a reward for his astounding work within the Sixth Fleet, Lucretius granted Aeternus Command of the Third Fleet of Perpetual Enterprise.

The Third FleetEdit

With the analytical mind of Aeternus Tullius heading it, the Third Fleet of Perpetual Enterprise solidified trade relations with several long time business partners. His soldiers called him a banking genius, skilled in negotiations as well as contractual knowledge. He treated his partners with the utmost respect and courtesy, and as a result won favor amongst the courts of the trade kingdoms.

Leaving the Third FleetEdit

Following the loss of the First Fleet of Unending Commerce, Aeternus was given the task of locating and recovering his brother Megus Tullius and any surviving members of the First Fleet. He was given orders that in the event of the death of Megus to assume command of the First Fleet, restoring it if necessary, and return his brother's body to the Mausoleum of House Tullius.


Following some unspecified events in Voorhiven. Aeternus Tullius was killed by a lynching mob following the rise of Dugin. His body now lies in the Mausoleum of House Tullius.