Balest is the native homeland of the Dwarven race in Eterinin. A natural fortress continent with the surrounding Norgak Mountains, the dwarven people have lived in this protected environment for millenia.


The most prominent geographical feature of Balest is the Norgak Mountains that surround the continent. Some of the tallest mountains in Eterinin are in this range, it is also the longest continuous range in the world. These mountains contain many cavern systems and natural passes, though all of these, that are known, have been fortified by the dwarves.

The interior of the continent is densely populated and therefore the land is heavily used. Very little area is left to natural devices. Farmland, cities, fortresses, and other dwarvenmade constructs and uses have eliminated the majority of the landscape.


The continent consists of 87% dwarven people with the remaining 13% being split among the remaining races, though no permanent settlements of these races exist. All settlements in Balest are dwarven ruled, and other races are mainly traders and other traveling professions.