Not much is known about Blackwood's childhood, only that he aparntly ripped out part of his soul as apart of some dare. Blackwood had a nack from early childhood for psycic powers and would often send messages back and forth between some of the water runners. The concequense of becoming a shade have had some unquic effects on Blackwood. Mostly through the form of multipersonalitys. These personalities differ from normal personality dissorders in that they seem to share the same memory and are all consider themself to be the same person, however how they act and respond could best be desrible as random.

Blackwood is unable to remember any events of the day of the dissapearnce, only waking up in the light house, naked only wearing a hat, with the entire rest of his village missing. The rest of the houses and all the people gone. Blackwood got onthe first ship off of Misty Atoll that stopped for water. His travels working on different trade ships allowed him to travil far away from his past. A past that is unknown to him as his worst fear is to find a personality inside himself capable of removing his entire village that he has no control over.

Some recent event has caused Blackwood to relize that facing his fear may be the only way for him to find peace, and he has decided that he must make the journey back to his home to find out what happend once and for all.