Prof.Oak of Otopia

Prof.Oak is currently contracted as Admiral in the Otopian special forces making his current mission and his allegiances unknown except to himself and his commanders as it is classified information. Little is known about his past life as he is generally quiet on the subject unless directly asked which few have the resolve to do for fear of upsetting the beast man. What is known is that he has a reputation as a skilled boxer in many some what illegitimate fight clubs. He is a native of Otopia making him a goliath druid with the primary form of an otter as is traditional in Otopia . He seems to have a bad habit of drinking and then using tables as weapons based off of many storys from various inn keepers who have prohibited him from returning due to the damages ranging from smashed tables to a crater where the inn used to be. Like most Otopians he is a skilled naval man and always looking for a way to make things more exciting. Not much else is known about him other than his only living relative is his older brother Prof.Elm who is currently one of the three pirate warlords on Faywater Island their relationship is known to be close but not much else is known.