Cudlac is a vast and expansive wilderness populated by few small settlements and many nomadic tribes that tend to stay in a place for no longer than a month or two at a time. In the settlements, rule varies between semi-democratic societies to tribal leadership and even a few cult settlements.

Society and Uses of CudlacEdit

The minimal impact of major races on the continent have made it one of the most beautiful of all the lands in Eterinin. Surprisingly, few attempts at control over the territory have ever been made.

Rites of PassageEdit

Many surrounding races tend to use it as hunting grounds or, in some cases, a place for various rites of passage for youth into adulthood. One such example is the dwarves of Balest, youth are sent into Cudlac to return with five elements of the land requiring a long trek across a great distance. The orcs of Eddval also have a rite of passage for youth, but it is much more violent, as they must bring back an ear of a nomad.