Draco Island is the home of the Dragon Council. While the dragons of the Council live, hunt, and visit locations throughout the world of Eterinin, the council meets twice a year on Draco Island.

It is situated near Mist Atoll, a very prosperous island until a mysterious event caused the entire population of the island, as well as all of the buildings and all signs of life, to vanish overnight. There was reports of a single lone survivor of this event, however, no one has confirmed this story.

Island GeographyEdit

Draco Island is a rocky island with no natural vegetation. It is the result of an active volcano that has surfaced above the sea level. There are three major levels of the island, the snow capped peaks, the caulderon of the volcano, and the interior molten caverns. Each of these locations are home to the members of the council when meeting. Due to the power of the Draconic language, when spoken by dragons themselves, the various members have no need to leave their chambers to meet and may communicate from their respective levels.

The southern section of the island contains the only fresh water lake and is the main source of water for the villagers of Mist Atoll. The lakes location and the weather patterns cause it to create a very powerful mist that drifts off to the south of the Island and eventually over Misty Atoll itself. The water rises up from underground and due to the volcanic nature of the island makes it near boiling at all times. This makes getting the water very dangerous added in with the rough terrain it takes to cross to get it.