The continent of Eddval is located in the northern hemisphere on the eastern side of the Virnor Ocean and north of Edhen.


Home to the Orc people of Eterinin, the whole of Eddval is ruled by the Orc king Ug. This does not dissuade other races from settling in Eddval, however, they are often seen as lower class unless they can prove themselves in a fight. Many orc bands will go to settlements and challenge their fighters to near-death combat and determine their worth on the outcome. Often times if the outsiders lose they will be required to pay tribute to the orcs until they are able to defeat them in a near-death combat on identical grounds.

Settlements that succeed in proving themselves are free from jurisdiction from the king, and thus leaving Edhenon still the only fully feudal continent.

Gnoll WarEdit

Ug, the king of the Orcs, had a daughter that was allegedly kidnapped by the Gnolls in Edhen. The Gnoll captains all deny any involvement in a kidnapping but Ug claims he has evidence proving the kidnapping. He has vowed anihilation of the gnolls until his daughter is returned, and only then will he focus his attack on the kidnapper only.

The war has escalated to encompass the entire two continents and naval fighting in the Seas of Harcoral and Torhil. In addition, the gnolls have established a blockade on the Virnor coast of Eddval and this has led to many orc ships becoming blockade runners to continue supplying arms to the orc armies that they purchase and acquire abroad.

The war is turning in favor of the gnolls and the morale of the orc people is diminishing. Many of the orc soldiers are abandoning their posts and there are rumors of mutinies on naval ships, especially those running the blockades as they are outside the reaches of military jurisdiction by their king.

It is known that five blockade running ships have already been taken by their crews and are being sailed as merchant ships under a new orc flag, one that does not align to the king of Eddval. The most recent of these mutinies is that of three ships in the port of Sutulak on a single night in a coordinated attack. Rumors of assistance from non-orcs are spreading through the lands and many people are beginning to wonder if the mutinies are part of a gnoll conspiracy, potentially with changelings or forms of magic to dissuade people from thinking they are for noble purposes of not fighting a war.