Edhenon is a continent in the northern half of the western hemisphere of Eterinin. Located on the tri-continent with Sama and Dolinde, Edhenon is one of the most feudal of the Eterinin continents. While other continents are mixtures of kingdoms, city-states, open wilderness lands, independent societies and lands ruled by protectorate councils, Edhenon is entirely divided up between five ruling kingdoms.

The Leben MegilsEdit

Translated as The Five Swords, The Leben Megils are the collective name of the five kingdoms of Edhenon. The kingdoms include:

These kingdoms live in relative peace, save for a few skirmishes they get involved in on their borders when farmers or herders cross the borders in accident or military forces get lost and cross into the wrong territory, usually the latter only happens in heavy winters when navigation is difficult.

The kingdoms divide themselves fairly evenly, in a pie like pattern circling the continent, allowing all kingdoms to maintain a large piece of land and shore line. In a clockwise pattern the kingdoms are, Catalonia, Hilderen, Megdan, Molhal, Shranalt.

Edhen CitadelEdit

In the center of the continent the points of the kingdoms meet at a location marked centuries ago by a tower stretching thirty-two hundred feet into the air. The tallest of all structures in Eterinin. The tower is the centerpiece of Edhen Citadel, a large fortress populated by an army of conscripts sent to the Citadel every year from among the population of the kingdoms.

This army within the Citadel is to ensure the protection of all the kingdoms equally and protect against off continent threats. They are not to engage in any inter-kingdom conflicts or anything other than ensuring complete protection of all kingdoms equally. The Edhen Citadel is comanded by a rotating group of commanders that come from all the kingdoms and an equal number of conscripts from each kingdom to ensure that there is no alteration in balance of power of control.


The population of Edhenon is fairly integrated, though The Leben Megils are all ruled by human kings, or queen in the case of Hilderen. Edhenon is not a native homeland to any race, but rather an exodus point for many races. Humans and dwarves are the oldest known races on the continent as elves did not arrive until much later, however, the land is populated by all major races of Eterinin, with the exceptions of Goliaths, Gnolls, Githyanki and Duergar, all of whom may have minimal pressence but no major settlements.