The world of Eterinin is one with a vast and rich history. It has a large population of varying races as well as an extremely large land area.


Populated by a great range of races, the Elves have long been considered the original race, however, the oldest historical records end at a point that both elves, dwarves and very unevolved humans were alive.

Claims for the TitleEdit

Elves often claim the title of oldest race, and this is rarely contested, due to their immortality. The humans are fairly quickly dismissed in any accounts even though they are recorded at the time of the oldest records, however these are in hieroglyphic form, whereas the records of the dwarves and elves of the same time were both in a written language. It is often debated that due to the written language being known, yet no primitive language record is known of the elves and dwarves, that the two races may have engaged in some form of war, whether with each other or with another race, and at the end of this war all records of previous times were erased. Many small groups and individuals often dedicate great portions of their time, either professionally or as a hobby, to finding evidence of prior times.

Other Races in EterininEdit

The world of Eterinin is populated by over twenty different races, along with many semi-intelligent creatures that have basic community mentality or societal norms but live far outside the bounds of traditional Eterinin evolutionary process that they are often exiled or shunned to the most distant regions.


The geography of Eterinin is as varying as the population.
World Map of Eterinin

The World of Eterinin

From vast mountain ranges to sprawling deserts, deep crystal waters to icy tundras.

There are ten continents in the world along with multiple subcontinents and independent territories that claim no continental dependence or territorial claim.

Approximately 55% of the world is water, and another 15% is situated in the tundras at the polar caps, known in Common as the White Plains.