Pirate Captain by AdoC

Felix Tullius overlooking the ruined remains of Old Kalleburg.

Felix Tullius, known as Felix the Lucky, was a high ranking member of the Steel Bank of Tytos and the captain of the flagship Trade Domination.

Early LifeEdit

Felix Tullius was born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck with his hand was lodged between it and his throat allowing him to survive. He grew up in Vyra and developed a certain knack for getting out of tricky situations. Felix has fallen from a window in the prime citadel landing on a horse to break his fall. He has survived being stung by a great black scorpion, bitten by a king cobra, and eating a poisonous blow fish all before age eleven. During a bar brawl a young Felix was thrown into the ocean. Drunk and unable to swim, he somehow managed to paddle his way to a nearby dromond and haul himself aboard. After the incident, as opposed to fearing water Felix fell in love with the sea and studied navigation and seafaring.

Bank BuisnessEdit

After several commands, Felix Tullius was dispatched to the Korhall Ship Building Guild to commission the first ever Dominator Class warship, Trade Domination. It was to be the flagship of House Tullius and the Steel Bank of Tytos. As a reward for his superb naval prowess, Felix Tullius was granted command of the flagship. Under his supervision, Trade Domination performed flawlessly in its two military deployments.

Felix and his crew were also able to survive not once, but twice against boarding parties. Utilizing the flagship's extensive passageways, Felix and his crew repelled the boarders, but not without cost. After the attacks Felix gave lectures to other Tytain captains about guerrilla warfare and anti-boarding tactics.


Months after the loss of the First Fleet of Unending Commerce and its commandant the young Megus Tullius, contact from a few of the surviving sailors of the fleet brought grave news. After multiple testimonies, evidence suggested that the First Fleet of Unending Commerce was destroyed in an ambush by an Otopian fleet. In his grief for his lost cousin, Felix, going against all regulation, put out assassination contracts on all of the upper echelons of the Otopian command structure. One of the numerous killed was Admiral Oak of Otopia. In a retaliatory strike the Otopians put out similar contracts on several of the upper echelons of the Steel Bank of Tytos. Included amongst the dead was Felix Tullius himself. His body currently lies in the Mausoleum of House Tullius, suspended in time lock.