He is a Half-Elven Druid from Nyamarion. A very solitary and quite person he often remains in animal form to avoid contact with the mass of society. One of the last few of a dying breed of Elven druids from the village of Eldigran, a formerly large town now a simple settlement following the curse placed upon them, he is the only known druid of the Draug Order still alive.

Personal BackgroundEdit

The curse placed upon Eldigran forbade the Elven population from reproducing within their town and destroyed their Elven mortality. The curse stated that all Elves within the settlement would not survive longer than the elder of the town, who at the time was 352 years old. The caster of the curse then struck down the elder and since that time all Elves from Eldigran did not survive past that age.

Golshal, being born of an elf mother and a human father, and coming into the world at the exact moment the curse was placed on the town, was born with solid black eyes as an effect of that moment. Being half-elf he recieved the mortality of a human but with added longevity, as a result his lifespan, due to the curse, is half that of the elder, 176. Now, being 165 years old, he has made it his mission to find who was responsible and lift the curse before his date of death.

Many Eldigran natives have sought out this same quest and failed, however, being one of the last few, Golshal is determined to find the answers before his people are erased.

Draug OrderEdit

The Draug Order is a druid order from Nyamarion that are the only druids, known to be capable of, and accepted by fellow druids as the only ones allowed to be able to shift into wolf form. Due to the complexities of the wolf mentality and the dangers of turning into a Lycan instead of a true wolf form during the beginning phases of druidry, fellow druids forbid all others outside the Draug Order from this shift. It is commonly accepted by all druid gatherings that any apprentice into druidry is bestowed upon with a curse that if they attempt a wolf shift they will be permanently frozen in animal form, never again to be their natural race and relinquishing all ties to their former race. Only the Draug Order may remove this curse and train an apprentice in the ways of the wolf.