House Tullius is a family of nobles native to the Isle of Tytos. They operate the Steel Bank of Tytos and are known for their longevity and hereditary skills in time manipulation. House Tullius traces its lineage back to Regulus the Almighty.


Legend says that the ancient fore bearers of House Tullius came to Eterinin in the shell of a great wooden ship. The ship was said to have crashed in the Virnor Ocean, and it is said that the hull of the ship became the archipelago of islands known as the Lesser Isles of Tytos.

The Tullius of Tytos grew in numbers and power, expanding to fill the Lesser Isles. When the other races of Eterinin achieved deep sea travel, people flocked to the islands. As opposed to attacking these individuals, the Tullius of Tytos absorbed their cultures and technologies, settling each on a separate island. This continued for many years until the naval power of Tytos became famous the world over.

The Old CrytiansEdit

Though a vast majority of immigrating peoples accepted the offer of House Tullius, one group famously did not. The Old Crytians were a people who had fled many lands, leaving war and famine in their wake. They desperately sought a place where they could grow unopposed. Using the remnants of their fleet and abusing the trust of the Tullius, the Old Crytians seized Vitytos. Holding the representatives of the Lesser Isles for ransom, the Old Crytians turned the navy of Tytos against House Tullius. Vastly out matched, the Tullius of Tytos ceded Tytos to the Old Crytians in return for rule over one of the Lesser Isles. The Old Crytains ruled over the Virnor Ocean for centuries, while the Tullius rebuilt itself along the island chain.

The War for TytosEdit

Seeking to return House Tullius to its ancestral seat, Lucretius Tullius left the Lesser Isles of Tytos to raise an army. Over the course of several years, Lucretius mustered an army that would be known the world over as the Grand Legion. Utilizing the support of the Six Sisters, a group of black dragons, and the combined naval strength of all the Lesser Houses of Tytos, Lucretius lead the Tullius Armada against the Old Crytian controlled Tytos. The invasion was a success, resulting in the reestablishment of House Tullius as the rulers of the Isles of Tytos.

The Steel Bank of TytosEdit

In order to maintain control of the Virnor Ocean, Lucretius oversaw the creation of the Steel Bank. Utilizing trade and commerce, the bank grew, spreading trade to the edges of the known world. With this came the exchange of ideas and an influx of tourism and travel. To this day, the Steel Bank of Tytos is an active and ever-changing part of the culture of Eterinin.