Pre Historic TimeEdit

The Isle of Tytos first became populated by the ancestors of ancient humans. The island race grew rapidly to become a sea faring power that colonized the entirety of the archipelago. When other races gained the ability of deep sea travel they came into contact with the already powerful Tytians. As opposed to fighting these new people, the Tytians absorbed their technology and culture settling each on a separate island.

The Age of MobiusEdit

After a long and bloody conflict, the ancient forbearers of House Mobius claimed the capital city of Tytos. Though decimated by war, under House Mobius, Vitytos was rebuilt into a multitier metropolis of concentric tier rings. The city was built both vertically and horizontally expanding upward and out. One of the most famous features of the city is its upper harbor. The city has large canals which allow ships to dock several hundred meters above sea level. This superior position allows for trade ships to deposit goods directly to the Prime Citadel and warships to have a dominating defensive position of the surrounding harbors.

The name Mobius became synonymous with Tytos. The family won the support of each island and in doing so, gained control of the most powerful navy in Eterinin. As opposed to using it's naval superiority to devastate and conquer. House Mobius used its powers of intimidation to open up trade with every port along the Great Sea. The body that managed this trade was the notorious Steel Bank of Tytos.

The Seven Fleets and the Seven LegionsEdit

The Mobius of Tytos command The Seven Fleets of Merchantry which dominate trade throughout Eterinin. The fleets are named: the First Fleet of Unending Commerce, the Second Fleet of Relentless Exchange, the Third Fleet of Perpetual Enterprise, the Fourth Fleet of Binding Transaction, the Fifth Fleet of Flawless Investment, the Six Fleet of Voracious Profit, and the Seventh Fleet of Omnipotent Regulation.

In addion to the the Seven Fleets of Merchantry the Mobius of Tytos also command the Seven Legions of Acquisition. The legions are named: the First Legion of Immaculate Steel, the Second Legion of Obstinate Bronze, the Third Legion of Abiding Copper, the Fourth Legion of Unflinching Lead, the Fifth Legion of Ardent Silver, the Sixth Legion of Triumphant Gold, and the Seventh Legion of Apocalyptic Iron.