Holding the dead of House Tullius, the Mausoleum is one of the most heavily fortified installations in Vitytos.


The Temple by Radojavor

The Mausoleum of House Tullius is located in the heart of Vitytos.

The Mausoleum was established when the first elder of House Tullius, Regulus Tullius died. Called Regulus the Almighty, the paladin was sent to the first of the Time Benders of Tullius. The Time Benders, using the sum of their knowledge, reversed Regulus' position in time to the moment after his death. They then placed him in a time lock. This was a state paralyzed in time. Regulus would be preserved until the Time Benders could learn mastery over time and death.

Following the example of Regulus, all members of House Tullius enter time lock following death. So long as a corpse is available, the Time Benders could bring the remains to the moment after death. For this reason, the Tullius of Tytos place the recovery of the dead as a maximum priority second only to the preservation of the Steel Bank of Tytos. Though the time lock prevents any harm coming to the fallen, it does not prevent their bodies from being stolen. For this reason the dead of House Tullius are heavily defended. In light of the recent difficulties in recovering the corpses of members of House Tullius, it is now customary for blood to be taken from each member of the house. From this plasma, the entire body can be regenerated and placed in time lock.


The Mausoleum is the most fortified location within the city of Vitytos. It possesses massive granite wall ten meters thick with steel support struts. The interior is braced against forced entrance with two meter thick steel doors. Within the Mausoleum lies the Dread Legion. They are an army of brutal soldiers with lives sworn to defense of the fallen. The Dread Legion keeps a constant vigil of the Mausoleum, training nonstop to keep their skills as sharp as their blades.

Current AssignmentsEdit

The Time Benders are tasked with the preservation of the Mausoleum as well as the pursuit of the fabled knowledge of mastery over time and death. The current Time Bender of House Tullius is Proximus Tullius. He has been performing research on a strange artifact beneath Vitytos and the Isle of Tytos itself. He believes that the secret to resurrecting the dead of House Tullius lies within the artifact.