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Megus of House Aevus, former heir to the Steel Bank and the Isles of Tytos.

Megus of House Tullius was a holy warrior and former Commandant of the First Fleet of Unending Commerce.

Early LifeEdit

First born son of the fabled Lucretius Tullius, Megus Tullius was the heir to the Steel Bank of Tytos and the Isles of Tytos. Voracious and headstrong in youth, Megus studied seafaring under his cousin Felix Tullius. He learned banking and mathematics from his great uncle Proximus Tullius. His father Lucretius taught him the requirements of a ruler, and Megus learned the sword from his great uncle the legendary swordsman Phalanx Tullius.

First CommandEdit

Megus served in the Fourth Fleet of Binding Transaction as a ship captain under his cousin Tacitus Tullius. He commanded Eternal Profit, a Dromond Class ship. Notably, Megus fought in campaigns alongside the Fourth Legion of Unflinching Lead. He so distinguished himself in battle that, as a reward, he was given command of the flagship fleet, the First Fleet of Unending Commerce.

The First FleetEdit

Under the command of Megus Tullius, the First Fleet of Unending Commerce opened numerous ports to the Steel Bank, and crushed a few marauding raider fleets. It had the honor of escorting the flagship of House Tullius Trade Domination. The First Legion of Immaculate Steel devastated debtor armies and facilitated the changing of power for more than one city state.

Mysterious EndEdit

On an important mission for Lucretius himself, the First Fleet of Unending Commerce was lost. The ships were scattered, sailors marooned, and Megus himself thrown into the ocean. Cast adrift, he happened upon a small harbor town. Here he met with the changeling prince Maximilian, and the escaped slave Seriphe. Joining together to seek out the kingdom of Sutulak, the party then met with the Half-Elf Golshal before embarking to the city state. On the way, they met the drunken wizard Andraste.

Adventures In SutulakEdit

In Sutulak, the party met with the Otopian Oak and the psionic Shade Blackwood. They participated in numerous fights. One of which lead to the mutiny of an Orc ship. This resulted in the imprisonment of Megus and his companions. After escaping the city and fleeing into the countryside, the party unwittingly unleashed a great necromancer from an ancient tomb. Fleeing the battle, Megus and his companions went to a fishing village and discovered a curious ruin nearby.


Megus of House Tullius was killed by a magical puzzle which asked a simple riddle which he could not answer. He could only lay there and watch the golden bow burn his hand away. In the end, he never learned the answer to that riddle.

"A chicken says; All chickens are liars. Is the chicken telling the truth?"

Too bad Megus did not know. Chickens cannot talk.

His body is currently in time lock within the Mausoleum of House Tullius.