Otopian flag

Founding of OtopiaEdit

The harsh Isles and rough seas that make up Otopia have claimed many lifes through out the ages many wondered if it was a island spawned out of the gates of hell its self because no common race has been able to lay eyes on it save for when they were clinging to dear life on what remained of their ship. That is until 300 years ago when a pirate ship of the infamous Green Thumb Pirates was caught up in a storm so monstrous that they were thought to have been wiped of the map like so many others like them around those seas. Until 10 years later the Isles of Onisa, and Ioia were terrorized by giant otter men sailing on ships with the Green Thumb colors flying. Not much else is known about the early years of Otopia other than the Green Thumb Pirates raided the Isles in the surrounding waters pillaging and raiding for sport.


Otopia is a chain of tropical and winter Islands that have extremely fertile land mainly due to the fact that the main chain of islands is surrounded by an endless storm which acts as a natural defense barrier against any one not welcome by the Otopians because of the great skill and the said blessing of the Otter Goddess required to navigate the storm. Their only material export is the legendary singing bannanas which sing show toons as you eat them.

Current Day Edit

Otopia has become known around the world as the kingdom of military naval dominance and as a kingdom of many secrets reguarding their way of life inside the endless storm. What is known about the Otopian people is that it is a kingdom of druids who worship the way of the otter the great creature that saved their doomed ancestors many years ago. They are also feared by many nations through out Eterinin earning themselves a reputation as mercenaries for hire never turning away from their proud history as pirates they generally will preform special operations for other countries under contract for their ruthlessness on the battle field and their unstoppable drive to complete their mission. Outside of Otopia their are a few outpost that they have "acquired" through out the years although these outpost are not acknowledged by the Otopian goverment as Otopian soil many fear to take back their land because of a fear retrebution for raising a hand against them. Most notably Faywater Island once a small trading outpost has now become a nest of pirates and outcast so radical even the Otopian goverment cannot use them in their army