Sama is the smallest of the Eterinin continents. Located between the continentes of Edhenon in the north and Dolinde in the south on the other side of the Sea of Hroth, Sama became recognized as a continent by the people of Eterinin due to the distinct culture of the people in the region.


Sama is the smallest continent, with the Virnor Ocean on the east and the Tastston Ocean on the west, the small continent is riddled with some of the most treacherous populated terrain in all of Eterinin.

The southern half of the continent is filled with the Daka Mountains, a range that has only one passable route through. The Forest of Rath covers nearly fifty percent of the continent northeast of the Dakas.

The rest of the continent is a mixture of mountains, deep forests, and raging rivers that make crossing the continent extremely difficult. This has led to make Sama the home of some of the most hearty and ruthless of people and races.


Sama has a few races that call the territory home, as well as a large population of non-natives that have come to Sama either out of desire for adventure, a place of refuge, exile or they're on the run. This has led to a large criminal uprising in the region and many gangs and communities of criminals that populate the vast cavern networks in the mountains and have forest camps throughtout the continent.

The races that call Sama home as natives are:

These races have all established communities within the continent and have built small cities and towns. A unique feature of Sama is that the population as adopted a form of, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," mentality. Races that either don't get along outside of Sama or are even hostile towards each other, maintain a level of mutual respect and protection for each other due to the hostile nature of many of the non-natives that are either fleeing criminals or exiles.

The population numbers are nearly impossible to calculate as the numbers are constantly fluctuating and there is no means of tracking everyone in the land.