The Sea of Harcoral derives its name from the unique reef structures within its waters. These Hars are the only known coral reefs that protrude from the water and extend into the air beyond the reach of even the largest waves. Situated between Eddval and Edhen, it has recently become the site of many naval skirmishes in the war between these two continents. These battles are a threat to the unique ecosystem here and many Hars have already been destroyed.

Har CoralEdit

The phenomenon is unique only to the Sea of Harcoral. The coral life within the sea produce a suction type lifeform that is contained within the center of the reef. As the reef grows upward the lifeform reproduces and builds with it. At the top of the reef the water being syphoned up through the reef is then released through a hole at the top, which then allows it to cascade down the reef providing nutrients to the reef as it flows down.

The suction is continuous and therefore allows the reef to continuousl build upward. The largest of these reefs is located at the mouth of the sea where it enters into the Virnor Ocean, this reef, known as the Mother Har in common, is over two hundred feet above the surface of the water.