Known throughout the world as The Disputed Island, except for in Balest where is is known as Ragrunragbalduum Atoll and Nyamarion where it is known as Lorfar Isle. This small island, directly between the two disputing continents and creating the border line between the Otopian and Gimdurcalgarrak Oceans, has been the cause of contention between the elves and dwarves for millenia.

The island has been cast with a magic barrier that prevents anyone from landing on it. The barrier was cast by both dwarven and elven wizards thus rendering both sides unable to remove it. Many speculate as to what is on the island but no one has been able to get close enough to see anything of merit as to what it could contain.

The Githyanki MythEdit

A myth has surrounded the Island for a long time, that a githyanki fleet attempted a passage to the island and was destroyed by the high seas and the creatures in protection of it. However, the myth states that due to the vast number of ship attempting at once, one ship made it to shore, albeit getting destroyed in the process. The legend says a small number of githyanki survived the ships destruction and made it to the island and survive to this day.

Many sailors claim that if you dare risk a few miles into the Death Seas, as the cursed region is known as, late at night you can spot the marooned sailors dancing and galavanting in the glows of their beachside fires. This story has been told by many sailors but as with all maritime tales, it may just be the mead talking.