The First Fleet of Unending Commerce is tasked with the representing the intrests of the Steel Bank of Tytos in political matters.


The purpose of Unending Commerce is to be the symbol of the Steel Bank. It is tasked with

Omnipotent Regulation was established under the command of Proximus Mobius. Its purpose was to insure the dominance of Tytian trade throughout Eterinin, by any means necessary. Specifically the Seventh Fleet's goal was to remove all other banks, absorb all other naval trade fleets, open all trade ports, and ensure the collection of all debts.


Under Proximus, Omnipotent Regulation consumed bank after bank, redistributing assets to the other six fleets. Growing ever more powerful and secretive, the Seventh Fleet began annexing entire fleets as captains spontaneously declared support for Tytos, while dissenting captains were rapidly mutinied and replaced by willing commanders. The Seventh Fleet grew as if by magic, fueled by whispers, shadows, and daggers. When it met a closed port, within a fortnight the harbor was open, often preceded by an untimely death in the ruling family. The Seventh Fleet became known as the most ruthless of the Fleets of Tytos. Vehement in its support of the Mobius, Tytos, and the Seven Fleets of Merchantry, Omnipotent Regulation was best known for what it did to those who defaulted on their loans. Regular banks would often just kill the defaulter and sell everything he owned and everyone he knew, but if someone default the Steel Bank of Tytos the Seventh Fleet would find a willing party to claim the estates, powers, and debts of the unfortunate party.

The Iron LegionEdit

Serving along side the Seventh Fleet of Omnipotent Regulation is the fabled Seventh Legion of Apocalyptic Iron. Though not the strongest or the most numerous of the Seven Legions, the Iron legion is definitly the most well trained. The troops of the Iron Legion are more like commandos than standard cannon fodder.